5 things to know when you order stainless steel foil

Stainless Steels are chromium-nickel-iron based alloys containing 10.5% chromium and 7.5% nickel and addition of iron that offers protective oxide film for corrosion resistance. The stainless steel alloy has excellent forming and welding characteristics, so that it can easily be formed into a variety of shapes, sizes, and dimensions. There are different types of stainless steel products are available in the market including Stainless Steel Strips, Stainless Steel Sheets, Stainless Steel Foils and more. Today, I’ll explain the thing you should know before ordering or choosing Stainless Steel Foils.

Selecting the right stainless steel foil for your applications is the first step before ordering SS Foil. There are large varieties of stainless steel foil available in the market. From those varieties you have to choose and select the most suitable SS Foils for your applications is slightly a tedious task. But don’t worry; I am here to help you out with this. The things you should know when you order Stainless Steel Foil are the type of applications, density, strength, workability, acid-resistance and more. All these 5 things I will explain to you in detailed as follow:


  • Type of Applications

The first step is most important i.e. type of application for which you required stainless steel foil. Depending on the type, you can select the different material grades of stainless steel foils. There is some Stainless Steel Material grades are famously known for particular applications. Means if you required SS Foils for Heat exchangers then there are a variety of choices you can make like SS 302, SS304, SS 309 and more.

  • Density of SS Foils

Various Stainless Steel grades have their own density. Depending on your requirements you can make the choice between the material grades and their density. Means you requiring highly dense material then go with that particular Stainless Steel Material Grade Foils.

  • Strength of Stainless Steel Foil

Stainless Steel Foil contains chromium, nickel, and iron that offers excellent tensile strength. But as the composition of the material grade changes then there is a change in the strength of the SS Foils. A large amount of chromium offers high strength. If you require high strength stainless steel foil then go with that material grade which has higher chromium content.

  • Workability

It is an important property of stainless steel foils. Workability of stainless steel means capable of being put into various effective operations, practicable or feasible. If you required performing operations on Stainless Steel foil then select stainless steel material grade with higher workability.

  • Acid Resistance

Stainless Steel foil has excellent corrosion resistance against the aqueous solutions. Depending on the requirement of high or medium acid resistance, select that type of stainless steel material grade.


If you still have any confusion then feels free to Contact Us for more information. Our technical experts help you to choose perfect stainless steel foil for your applications.